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Plug and Play Ep. 183 – Birthday Escape


What To Expect In This Episode:


This week we celebrate Tims birthday! So with that out of the way Tim celebrates his birthday with friends and family. We go through his day and all the fun things his family had planned for him. Zach spends a day finishing up power washing his new property. We dive in to Vivendi selling Ubisoft stock and the unsurprising corporate over lord that bought some of it. Further in the news we revisit a Kickstarter Campaign that is now under heat for copyright infringement. And we discuss WTF is Atari even doing? We of course get to our Kickstarter Highlights of the week and surprisingly 50% of them are now backed by us. Zach stays in rhythm with his Jack Box Party weekends and Tim tries out PubG Mobile. Tim stuggles to take down a Colossus beast and dives in to Tesla Vs. Lovecraft along with several other titles. So subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform and get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on our site! #PlugIn

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Items Discussed This Week:

Tech Talk:


Tasty Brews Of The Week:

1st Half – RPM IPA – Boneyard Beer (Bend, Oregon)

2nd Half – RPM IPA – Boneyard Beer (Bend, Oregon)



  1. The Most Stunning High Quality Chicken Book Photos Ever Made
  2. AquaJet H2


  1. Levetop
  2. Hardcore Gaming 101

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