Disgaea 5 Complete Announced For PC


Wow, this came out of nowhere. NIS America Just announced the upcoming release of Disgaea 5 Complete for PC. I did expect this game to eventually make it’s way to PC, but not before the other games in the franchise. Currently there is only Disgaea and Disgaea 2 available fir the PC. The expectation was that NISA would release the 3rd and 4th game before doing a release for the 5th game. That being said I’m still excited for the PC release of this one.

With hundreds of hours of content, over-the-top battles and scenarios, and exciting tactical battles that the Disgaea franchise is known for, Disgaea 5 Complete for PC will be a great addition to the PC ecosystem.

Disgaea 5 Complete for PC arrives exclusively on Steam May 7, 2018!

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