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Plug and Play Ep. 184 – Three Lions in the Loo


What To Expect In This Episode:

This week Zach is sick right before vacation see if you can tell by his voice. Tim on the other hand goes to an amazing broadway show and raves about it. With Tims new work schedule he was able to attend an event for his son. The guys get in to talking about a revived sitcom, Duke Nukem Movie potentially? and how you only need the first ten or so of Far Cry 5 to officially get credits. This weeks tastey treats are all from the great State of Texas and Tim hits the loo hard with one of his Kickstarters this week! Tim talks about his joy with Burnout and talks about playing the newely released title “A Way Out” with his daughter and how there is nudity right out of the real prison.  So subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform and get in touch with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram or on our site #PlugIn

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Items Discussed This Week:

Tech Talk:

3rd Party Nintendo Switch Docks seem to be bricking units.

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

1st Half – Three Lions – Real Ale Brewery Co. (Blanco, TX)

2nd Half – 777 IPL – Shiner Brewery (Shiner, TX)



  1. The Good Life
  2. 52 Speaker


  1. LooLoo
  2. Keego

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