Assault Spy Launch On Early Access Today

When I attended NIS America Press Event in February there was one game that really caught my Assault Spy. It looked so unique and different from everything at the event. It also helps that it was one of the few games I hadn’t heard about before the event. To me it was my most anticipated title from the publisher. Fast forward to today and we have the Assault Spy Launch on Steam.

Assault Spy Launches as an Early access title today allowing players to get a feel for the exciting new game from the publisher. As the self-proclaimed elite corporate spy, Asaru and his partner Kanoko you will take on many trials. Dash, evade, and smash your way to the truth in this fast paced action game. No secret is safe from this bombastic spy duo!

The Early Access price is $19.99. Users may take advantage of this price now and play the full game when it launches Fall 2018! Access the Assault Spy Steam page now for more information.

Qudduws Campbell

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