That Beautiful Life 236: F . T . P


That Beautiful Life Episode 236 is live! The family visit continues in the Q household as they get to know Lex and Bella. Roger’s gig gets canceled so he gets more time to watch Jessica Jones and play some vidymgames.


  • Ghost Adventures
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  • The Buttonsmashers/ 40SplishSplash/ Qudduws Campbell
    The Buttonsmashers is the main Youtube Channel for where we feature game reviews and other gaming related content. We also have two other channels Anime and Tech called Simply Otaku and TB Tech Talk respectively. We both have our own individual Youtube channels called 40SplishSplash & Qudduws Campbell. Both are gaming based channels with 40SplishSplash having a variety of different games including FPS and VR, while Qudduws Campbell features mainly Pro Evolution Soccer gameplay for now.

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