Forgotton Anne comes to Mac with Language Support Update


Forgotton Anne celebrates language support update and Mac release with brand new Accolades trailer

Forgotton Anne Splash ArtIn May, Forgotton Anne launched for the PS4, Xbox One and on Steam with great success. The Square Enix Collective is now proud to announce the Forgotton Anne language support update. The 2D cinematic adventure will soon support Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese as well as Polish. The team over at Throughline Games has marked this update with the new accolade trailer seen above.

We’ve really enjoyed putting together the new trailer to mark the occasion. Some of the reviews we received really touched us.

Square Enix Collective also revealed that Forgotton Anne is now available on Steam for Mac. Eager Apple gamers can now explore the mysterious Forgotten Lands, and be added to its roster of players.

This marks the next stage in Forgotton Anne’s journey, and we’re really pleased to bring the game to new gamers, adding language support for scores of new countries and, indeed, support for Steam players on Mac as well.” says Alfred Nguyen, Creative Director and Co-founder of ThroughLine Games.

The studio is also excited to announce Forgotton Anne will also be part of the Steam sale. Now gamers have the chance to buy a slice of anime inspired adventure with a 25 percent discount. Forgotton Anne is available on Steam for £15.49/$19.99/€19.99 (pre-sale price), on Xbox One for £15.99/$19.99/€19.99, and PlayStation 4 for £16.00/$19.99/€19.99

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