snakebyte Steps into Luxury Gaming Chair Market

snakebyte® group, announced recently that they’re shipping of the Gaming:Seat™ a new luxury gaming chair to Europe. The chairs are supposed to have been designed and tested with professional gamers in mind. snakebyte has stated that they Deliver optimum comfort and adjustability.

Stylish and sturdy, the Gaming:Seat is supposed to feature high levels of adjustability, ensuring that players of all shapes and sizes can find their ideal seating position. This should allow the chair to provide support during the most demanding of gaming sessions.

Gaming Chair Features:

Built to last, the Gaming:Seat features a unique pull-out footrest, allowing gamers to either sit upright or lean back, put their feet up and chill out for casual gaming. Featuring a BIFMA standard base, mechanism and castors, finding a comfortable position for play is truly effortless and with three unique colours, gamers can choose the chair to match their preferred gaming platform, be it blue for PlayStation®, green for Xbox or yellow for PC.

Tested and loved by members of eSports team DIVIZON, the Gaming:Seat has been designed specifically with the professional gamer in mind. CEO of DIVIZON, Dennis Schmidt commented, “Our pro gamers know the importance a balanced, comfortable and practical gaming seat can make to the gamers’ performance, and we were delighted to work with snakebyte in testing their new Gaming:Seat. Our team considers it to be the first choice thanks to its highly adaptable properties and high-quality construction.”

Mike Steup, President and CEO of snakebyte group commented, “Gaming:Seats are a growth area in gaming peripherals and a sector where we believe we can innovate. With competitive, online gaming becoming ever more dominant, gamers demand a level of comfort and practicality which allow them to play at their best. We think the Gaming:Seat will provide the solution they deserve.”

The Gaming:Seat is available across Europe from Amazon and leading gaming outlets.

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