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Can you remember as a child a having a whole Saturday lying before you, ripe with possibilities? A tree house to climb, secret treasure maps to explore, a superhero costume made of old gym clothes, and adventures straight out of the dog-eared comics under your bed?

Welcome to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a two-hour adventure from DONTNOD and Square Enix. Serving as a prequel (or issue zero in comics terms) to Life is Strange 2 due out in September, this short story follows Chris on a lazy Saturday morning in smalltown Beaver Creek, Oregon. This wouldn’t be a Life is Strange story without some heavy emotional moments, and we soon learn his active imagination is how Chris deals with a recent tragedy and living with an alcoholic father.

Complex emotional baggage aside, the game offers several fun mini-quests in the small sandbox of Chris’s house and backyard, and DONTNOD once again delivers a wistful soundtrack for contemplative moments. If you’re a fan of Life is Strange, or even if you aren’t but remember being a kid playing make-believe to escape the messy world of adults, do yourself a favor and grab this free episode on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

Tim Bledsoe
Podcasts & Single-player games are his thing except on "Adventure Time Tuesdays"

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