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That Beautiful Life 245: ZaffreRevolution


This week on That Beautiful life 242: This week we welcome the wonderful Zaffre from ZaffreRevolution on YouTube to the show. Roger is in France on vacation so Q sits down with one of his new favorite YouTubers to talk about JRPGs

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  • ZaffreRevolution
    Hey all you beautiful people! My name is ZaffreRevolution, or just Zaffre I suppose. I’m a guy who loves to talk about video games in the form of discussion videos, with the occasional countdown or review – whatever inspires me, ya know? If you’re looking for a place to talk about your favorite games and just hear another guy’s opinions on stuff, then welcome! Glad to have you here 🙂
Qudduws Campbell
That messy hair bloke: Romantic, Food lover, Gamer, Sports Fan, Manga Reader, Tech Head, Podcaster... Pretty much do a bit of everything.

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