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Hunter x Hunter Joins Jump Force!


Hands down, our favorite part of gaming events are the reveals. Bandai Namco sure didn’t miss the change to wow us all and steal the spot light. Among other game reveals, Bandai released a new trailer and roster updates for the much anticipated Jump Force fighting game. HUNTER X HUNTER has officially made the cut! See trailer above.

Gon_vs_VegetaHeroes and Villains are about to clash and Hisoka and Gon will definitely be in the mix. Also announced is the much anticipated confirmation of fan favorites Vegeta (Dragon Ball) and Sanji (One Piece). More unexpectedly however, were the additions of Marshall D. Teach aka Black Beard and Sabo, both from One Piece. It would seem that Jump Force won’t be pulling any punches (pun intended) when building their power packed Shonen roster of heroes and villains.

Namec_LibertyWhile One Piece and Hunter X Hunter fans have a lot to get excited for, Bandai definitely didn’t leave the Dragon Ball fans hanging. In addition to Vegeta getting in on the action, the fight is being taken to the newly revealed stage, Namek. Namek is the first fully fictional stage to be announced, pulled right out of the Dragon Ball series, with some creative modifications. If the screenshots are anything to go by, Namek didn’t escape the collision of worlds, and neither did lady liberty.

With Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball and now Hunter X Hunter, all top tier Shonen Jump titles, already confirmed, fans are salivating for more. What’s next? Who’s next? Where are we taking the fight next? What’s with the mysterious character at the end of the latest trailer? When are we going to get confirmation of that Death Note tease from the first one? Jump Force is definitely speaking to the anime/manga nerd in us all as the excitement builds.

Sanji Vs Vegeta Vegeta One Piece VS Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z VS One Piece Goku VS Vegeta Gon VS Teach Vegeta VS Gon Vegeta VS Gon Gon VS Vegeta Gon VS Vegeta Hisoka Namek Capsule Corp Namek Planet Sabo Dragon Claw Sanji VS Teach

While we await the 2019 release of Jump Force, who do you want to see join the fight?

Adrian Moses
A massive biggest One Piece fan who just wants to spend his days on a world adventure.

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