A Hat in Time Finally out for Switch!


In October 2017, an adventurous cute as heck 3D platforming game released starring a character with a magical hat traveling between fantastical worlds on a spaceship powered by an unusual collectible power source.

You might be thinking I’m referring to a game starring a famous mustachioed plumber, but no, I’m not talking about Mario Odyssey, I’m talking about A Hat in Time‘s release on Steam, and a little later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well.

It’s been two years, A Hat in Time has been enjoyed by countless players. When we reviewed the original release, we said, ” A Hat in Time has “A FUN FACTOR” in spades. Surely such a fun, colorful game that could be enjoyed by all ages would be a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch! Unfortunately, the small indie company Gears for Breakfast said for several years there were no plans for such a port.

But today many fans’ hopes and dreams are answered, because A Hat in Time and the Seal the Deal DLC are coming to Nintendo Switch in stores and on the Nintendo E-shop on October 18th! Seal the Deal features an all-new chapter set on the Arctic Cruise and introduces a new ridiculously difficult mode called Death Wish! The DLC also includes 6 new Time Rifts, as well as over a dozen flairs, dyes, costumes, badges and camera filters. The Switch version will also include the recently developed co-op mode, and the second DLC, Nyakuza Metro, will be released soon.

You can purchase A Hat in Time and the Seal the Deal DLC separately digitally, or purchase the physical edition and you’ll get the Seal the Deal DLC included!

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