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Tech Review | Zoopa Q600 Mantis

This being my first drone review for The Buttonsmashers, I’m really not sure how I should construct it, but I guess the most import thing is to get started. So…. Let’s start at the beginning… The first thing I noticed when the drone (quadrocopter) arrived was the size of the

Tech Review | LucidSound LS20 Gaming Headset

Short Version: It’s really good! I usually don’t wear gaming-focused headphones like these, so it’s a very welcome change. The different modes, along with the convenient way to adjust volume, make this a fun headset to use. The instructions could be clearer on details regarding all the things you can

Tech Review | HyperX Cloud Stinger

We’ve been talking about HyperX for years, but they have always had a price tag that some people can’t afford, well we are proud to announce with HyperX the newest Economically priced quality gaming headset. Introducing the HyperX Cloud Stinger being sold for $50 USD or cheaper it is by far

Tech Review | HyperX Cloud Core Headset

Back in March 2016 I picked up a Razer Kraken USB headset to replace my dying Logitech G930 (a nice wireless set that had 7.1 surround support) and was quite happy with it. Recently, though, the Kraken started having issues with the surround sound feature dropping in and out and

Philips 7000-series Smart Slim 4K TV Review

Philips is a fairly well-known electronics company, but for the longest time I never paid attention to their presence in the retail TV and monitor space (though yes, I am aware that they have put out some fantastic PC monitors in recent years). However, Philips does make some really great

Hisense 50H7GB1 Smart 4K TV Review!

Hisense is an electronics manufacturer that I really knew nothing about until recently. I’d seen their TVs advertised before, but like many I assumed that they were off-brand and not worth worrying too much about. Yet, some basic research returned the fact that Hisense is actually the owner of a


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