Plug and Play Podcast is a leveled up evolution of what was once the legend of podcast. it’s produced by The Buttonsmashers Editors Zach (the Darklegend) and Tim (LonelyController) who are fan’s of comics, video games, tech, and of course Zelda. If you want something informative, and entertaining to listen to every Saturday then get yourself plugged in.

About Zach & Tim

Zach brings his wit, humor and all that charisma to each episode of Plug and Play Podcast, while his co-host Tim brings his humor, wit, and knowledge to each episode. The podcast is a Comic, Video Game, and Tech podcast. Plug and Play is the kind of podcast that one would probably listen to on the drive home or when the friends are over. The language in this podcast is a bit more adult oriented than some of the other podcast here on our site so I recommend it only to our legally adult family members.

Available on most podcast apps including: