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Game Review | The Little Acre

Remember when you were a kid and you explored the scary forest behind your house? Weren’t you sure there were monsters that could only be defeated by your trusty wooden sword and faithful canine companion? The Little Acre takes us back to those simpler times in a light-hearted short adventure.

Game Review | Weeping Doll (PSVR)

Short Version: It’s very, very boring. I finished the whole thing, got all the trophies in about an hour and felt absolutely nothing throughout my experience. It’s a nice proof of concept, but the execution felt so empty and poorly done that I can’t recommend this to anyone, not even

Game Review | Super Mario Run (iOS)

  Short Version: I love it, but it’s too short. I think it plays pretty well and has that authentic Nintendo feel, but there is too little content here for me to recommend it for $10, especially in an environment where people are used to things costly way less than

Game Review | Super Dungeon Bros

“Super Dungeon Bros is a stellar party game, with many entertaining aspects. However, as a single player experience, it falls fairly short.” Short Version My overall opinion of Super Dungeon Bros is that it was very fun and entertaining. The color scheme of the game is very eye-catching and vivid, the characters

Game Review | Corpse Party

Short Version: Corpse Party for the 3DS is the definitive version of the original Corpse Party. It is a well developed isometric horror game about a group students trapped in a haunted school, and it succeeds in offering the perfect horror experience in an unexpected package. If you like horror

Game Review | Feist – Scramble for Survival

No matter what they tell you, you are an animal in the forest.” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom We lounge in air conditioned or heated rooms, playing our games on big flat screen televisions, snacks mere feet away in temperature controlled refrigerators, wanting for nothing. It is easy

Game Review | Pokémon Sun and Moon

Official website Well, you might have seen this one coming from a mile off. Because I love playing on my handheld, I was ,of course, going to play Pokémon Sun and Moon. Well, I choose to play Sun. Also, I played on the old-school 3DS.  Because I haven’t bought a New


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